Introducing the Wireline Alliance

We are a partnership, formed in August 2017 by two companies, Wireline Workshop and Wireline Africa that, provides a unique combination of experience, technology and operational capacity.

Wireline Africa, formerly part of Weatherford, can trace back its heritage to Reeves and BPB Instruments; the pioneers of mineral borehole logging for the mining industry. With Wireline Workshop, we have over 45 years of hard-won experience, describing mining targets from remote Mongolian coal to Andean Chilean copper and deep South African gold. 

We also offer specialised services to the Civil Engineering sector such as structural information used for placement of the Gautrain support pylons, transfer tunnels and dam wall foundations.  Our calibrated and borehole compensated measurements are designed by physicists and engineers for application in all mineral fields from coal through base and precious metals to unconventional hydro-carbons such as CBM and tight shale gas. The physics and equipment characterisation underlying each measurement is generally regarded as the best available to mineral explorers. Client requirements vary from mineral type to location, whereby consultation is offered at all stages throughout the duration of the work. Combining services, depending on our clients' objectives, we can deliver precise and accurate results in;

  • Gyroscopic borehole navigation
  • Geotechnical analyses
  • Mechanical properties/rock strength/slope stability for mine planning
  • Structural measurements of bedding, fractures and stress orientation
  • Correlation between distant rock formations 
  • Locating mineralisation zones with depth and thickness
  • Lithological boundary identification and mapping 
  • Stratigraphic well logging within the conventional and unconventional sectors 
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Coal and coalbed methane  
  • Hydrogeological studies 
  • Aquifer mapping 
  • Flow rate profiles for ground water investigation   
  • Borehole check-shot services and vertical seismic profiling 


Accurate borehole navigation

Track the borehole! We are offering a brand new Geovista North Seeking Gyro. With real time recording and display. You can now profile your well in almost any environment. The Gyro can be run in any situation including magnetic formations and through a casing or drill pipe. This north seeking gyro can accurately survey all borehole profiles from vertical to near horizontal at high latitudes or inclinations with no reduction in accuracy. No surface equipment is required or calibration. This is a cost effective option in a market with limited suppliers of this expensive service

Example wireline log


Mineral wireline logging

Mineral wireline logging, which is really an offshoot of oilfield wireline logging, is a process in which an electric probe or “sonde” is lowered into a borehole in order to make measurements of physical rock mass properties and borehole fluid properties. Measurements employ electro-magnetic fields (directly or induced), radiation (natural and introduced via a chemical source) and sonic energy to interrogate the rock mass without physically breaking it. The sonde is lowered on a cable or “wireline” which transmits both power to the sonde and data from it to the surface recording systems. These data are proportional to analogue voltages produced by the various detector types. They must be calibrated and compensated for borehole effects in order to become quantitative measurements. Examples are natural gamma ray, density, sonic transit time and resistivity.

Logs might describe or estimate the lithology, the local structure, rock strength, borehole direction and various fluid parameters such as temperature and conductivity. Wireline logs are routinely used in mineral exploration to describe coal seams in terms of depth, thickness and ash content. They have applications in all forms of mineral exploration, including base and precious metal projects. The uses of logs in these environments, with the exception of density for iron ore grade estimation, tend to be qualitative in nature. Some significant processing and analysis might be required to extract maximum value from the data.Wireline Alliance's role is to increase the value gained from drilling projects by assisting in the choice of applicable measurements, their on-site data capture and calibration, data processing, analysis and reporting. 

Quality Service

The Team

No other mineral logging company offers the service capacity available from the Wireline Alliance. This team can provide in-depth operational planning, outcome prediction and post operational analysis based on over 80 years of hard won experience throughout the world.

Image of Marcus Chatfield, Owner of Wireline Workshop CC

Marcus Chatfield

Wireline workshop cc

Formally managing Reeves Mineral Services and Weatherford, now co-owning Wireline Workshop, Marcus has 37 years of experience in borehole logging. He regularly gets involved with data capture and provides high level log analysis and reporting services. His Wireline Workshop bi-monthly bulletin is in its forth year.

Image of Allan Bennett

Allan Bennett

wireline africa

Allan started working in the CBM fields in Botswana back in 2006, since then began as a Junior Filed Engineer for Weatherford in early 2009. He gradually climbed the ranks from Junior Field Engineer to engineer in Charge then to Country Manager and Operations manager for Weatherford. In early 2016 he began talks with Weatherford to purchase the Slimline division for Africa now known as Wireline Africa, a synergy partner to the Wireline Alliance. 

Image of Thatong Moshola

Thatong Moshola

Wireline africa

Thatong Getrude Moshola received Bachelor of Science degree with honors in Applied Geology at University of Western Cape specializing in geophysics and was formally a geophysicist at Weatherford International Ltd, currently Geoscience Director at Wireline Africa. Her professional interests focus on proprietary technologies included in-house spectral decomposition techniques, rock mechanism geochemistry and electromagnetism, with over 6 years of experience.

Image of John Jeffrey

John Jeffrey

wireline Workshop

John is a very experienced stalwart of the mineral logging business, having begun logging boreholes in 1979. He is currently directing operations at Wireline Workshop. He has global work experience (Alaska, Colombia, Philippines, Mongolia etc) on a range of mineral targets.

Our Testimonials

Zaaiman Exploration Drilling (pty) Ltd

Zaaiman Exploration Drilling is a drilling company operating in the Witbank area, South Africa.

The company currently employs Wireline Workshop CC to conduct wireline logging at our vertical surface and directional drilling projects in and around Witbank.

I confirm that the company is satisfied with the work performed by Wireline Workshop CC to date and recommends the use of this company's services.


My company, Exxaro, is a diversified South African based resources group. We occasionally require borehole logging, log data processing and log analysis services.

We have previously employed Wireline Workshop CC (Marcus Chatfield) for training on all aspects of mineral logging.

We have been entirely satisfied with the work performed by Wireline Workshop CC to date and recommend that the company is flexible and a high quality service provider.